MegaFood in 60 seconds

Genuine Whole Foods 

The products are made from whole and fresh food, vitamins and minerals. Each vitamin and mineral are combined with selected vegetables, fruits, berries, herbs or nutritional yeasts in a unique process to create a whole food supplement with the highest bioavailability. 

Vegetables, Fruits and Berries from Local Farmers 

MegaFood uses whole, fresh and locally grown raw materials that they grind and dry themselves. It preserves phytonutrients better than buying pre-dried powders which are common practice in the industry. 

Gentle Drying Method - Raw Food 

MegaFood does not use freeze-drying, drum drying or spray drying. Instead, a patented drying method, Refractance Window Drying, is used, which does not freeze burn or overheat the raw material. This means that the products receive a Raw Food quality where Phyto and micronutrients are kept intact and withstand oxidation better. 

Highest Bioavailability 

The food supplements have the cofactors and excipients needed for the substance to be absorbed by the cell and not just by the blood. 

Saccharomyces cerevisiae (nutritional yeast) 

To combine certain vitamins and minerals with cofactors, the nutritional yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae is used. This leads to better nutrient uptake into the body's cells. Saccharomyces cerevisiae does not contribute to candida, which other types of yeast can do. 

Own testing laboratory 

MegaFood has its own laboratory that is ISO 9001 certified. They are almost the only one in the industry that has it and they carry out continuous testing for each product throughout the unique manufacturing process. 

Does not contain gluten, dairy products, soy, corn, wheat or pesticides 

The products are tested in their own laboratory and at several different independent laboratories. All raw materials are tested for 142 different pesticides and herbicides, which is significantly higher than the standard for Swedish KRAV-labelling. 

Can Be Used by Vegetarians 

All MegaFood products can be used by vegetarians. 

GMO and Glyphosate-free 

MegaFood is the only food supplement company in the world where the products are tested to ensure that they are free of both GMO and glyphosate. 

Dark Glass Jars 

MegaFood uses dark glass jars for 98 % of the product lines. Dark glass jars allow less light through than white plastic jars. Glass jars do not emit BPA or other hormone-disrupting substances, which plastic does. Furthermore, glass jars are recycled which is better for the environment than plastic.